Anne Tansley praised in Good Doctor’s Guide

Leading North West breast surgeon Anne Tansley has been named as one of the top consultants in the country.

In the Daily Mail’s Good Doctor’s Guide, Anne won praise from her colleagues for her work.

She was described as: “A very good surgeon, a lovely person and a next generation Fiona MacNeill.”

They also said: She has been a key figure in driving up the quality of breast surgery and devotes a lot of time to running training courses for the next generation in Oncoplastics.”

In addition: “She has also been a key figure in bringing Oncoplastic surgeons and plastic surgeons together which benefits all patients.”

Anne said: “To be recognised by my peers in this way is a real honour.

“I strive to put the patient at the centre of everything I do here, both in working towards the best possible clinical and aesthetic outcomes and in ensuring that they are psychologically prepared for the treatment they will undergo.

“My particular specialism of Oncoplastics has the potential to make such an impact on patients, not only in saving and prolonging lives but ensuring that patients can enjoy good quality of life long after treatment has taken place.

“To know that the results we are getting here are being held up as gold standard, and for my fellow consultants to say that they would like their friends or family to be treated by me is very humbling indeed.”

The Daily Mail canvassed the views of more than 260 consultants across seven specialities and asked them who they would refer their loved ones to if they needed treatment – and why.

The consultants with the most votes from their peers made it into the Daily Mail’s guide.

As well as talking to experts about the latest thinking on treatments, the guide also suggested five questions that you should ask your surgeon if you are considering breast reconstructive surgery. These are:

  • What are all the reconstructive options available to me?
  • What are the pros and cons of each option?
  • In the light of my lifestyle, hobbies and body shape, which option would you recommend as my first choice?
  • Is the operation a one-off or will there be further revision treatment?
  • Can you show me photos or testimonials from previous patients you have operated on.

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