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We also offer diagnostic second opinions

Diagnostic second opinions

Are you looking for a second opinion? If you have had a diagnosis or a recommendation of treatment or surgery and you would like a second medical opinion, we can help.

We offer a multi-disciplinary second opinion service through the Spire Murrayfield Multi-Disciplinary Team.

Following surgery to the breast or chest area, you will require a bra that is super soft and comfortable. Theya Healthcare post surgery bras are designed to assist your recovery. They are particularly suited to breast surgery including lumpectomy, mastectomy and breast reconstruction, as well as any kind of thoracic surgery.

Theya Healthcare created this range in conjunction with breast cancer survivors. The bras have no tags, wires or elastics and are made from an incredibly soft bamboo derived viscose so they offer a very comfortable experience post surgery. The anti-bacterial properties of our fabric, together with its breathability and superior wicking capacity make it ideal to support the healing process.

“Patients at Spire Murrayfield have been using Theya Healthcare bras for post-operative support. They love the soft seamless finish and comfort the post-surgical bras provide. They are easy to wash and wear over their surgical dressings.”
Anne Tansley

Where to buy

Check our list of stockists to find one near you.

Alternatively, you can order online from Theya Healthcare’s online shop.

Which bra to choose?

The Theya Healthcare Peony Front Fastening bra is a great option for use immediately post surgery as often patients will experience limited arm mobility, making it more difficult to put on or take off a back fastening bra. The Peony comes in Hook & Eye fastening or Zip fastening versions. The Hook & Eye version offers more adjustability as there are three levels of hook & eye at the front, so in the case of a surgery where there may be a lot of swelling, this is a good option as it can be adjusted as the swelling goes down.

The Theya Healthcare Fleur Back Fastening bra is a great option if you are undergoing radiotherapy as you may experience redness, swelling, dryness, itching, blistering or peeling of the skin. You will need underwear that is kind to your skin, helps to keep you cool and dry and does not aggravate any irritation.

The White and Black ranges are slightly lower cut and offer a little more support than the Vanilla Cream range. Which you prefer is an entirely personal choice.

What size to choose?

Where possible we would always recommend that you get professionally fitted for your post surgery bra to ensure that it gives you the support you need during your recovery. Theya Healthcare bras come in sizes XS to XL. Simply use our Size Guide to choose the size which corresponds to your usual bra size.

NB: sizing for the Vanilla Cream range is slightly larger than for the White and Black ranges, so please ensure you check the correct sizing chart.

How to check it fits

If you don’t have the option of getting professionally fitted, follow our bra fitting guide to check that your bra fits you correctly.