Breast Cancer Treatments

The Daily Mail’s Good Doctor’s Guide said Anne is ‘a key figure in driving up the quality of breast surgery’.

Treatment tailored to you

At Anne Tansley Breast Clinic, we consider breast cancer treatment to be individualised to each woman.

The most common form of treatment is a combination of surgery with possible other treatments such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapies, anti-hormone therapies and bone directed therapies.

If you have been given a cancer diagnosis your treatment will be arranged by a multi-disciplinary team of cancer experts.

This service is available at Murrayfield Breast Clinic in Wirral.

When you have been given a breast cancer diagnosis you will be given all your treatment options.

Surgical options mostly involve breast conservation techniques (often called lumpectomy) combined with Oncoplastic surgery which preserves the breast shape and size or mastectomy to remove all the breast tissue.

If you are advised to have a mastectomy you will also be advised about whether immediate breast reconstruction is suitable or not. This will be discussed at the time of your diagnosis and the weeks following treatment.

More information about the different breast surgery options can be found at the following websites:

Talk to us about breast cancer treatment

If you would like to talk to us about breast cancer treatment we have clinics available in Wirral at Spire Murrayfield.

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