Risk Reducing Breast Surgery

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Treatment to minimise your risk

An operation to remove healthy breast to greatly reduce the risk of a breast cancer developing is called risk-reducing breast surgery, or risk-reducing mastectomy.

Almost all of the breast tissue is removed and only a very small amount will remain. Removing both breasts can reduce the risk of getting breast cancer by up to 95%.

This is a complex area for discussion and it is aimed primarily at women who have a known gene mutation which increases their risk of developing breast cancer during their lifetime.

If you wish to consider risk-reducing breast surgery this is an individualised treatment process.

If you would like to pursue private gene mutation testing there are a number of companies that you can approach and we are happy to discuss these with you during your consultation.

For more information about the subject of risk-reducing breast surgery there are a number of excellent websites including:

Talk to us about risk reducing breast surgery

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